Other things I do

Sadly, my writing doesn’t pay my bills (yet). I worked for five years in a private research foundation, helping develop software applications for health care. Then towards the end of 2003 I decided I needed to reorganise my life so as to leave myself more time (and energy) to devote to writing. So I quit my job and found another one.

Since the start of 2004 I’ve been responsible for the international (English language) edition of the Hellenic Journal of Cardiology. “Responsible” means that I translate articles and research papers from Greek to English when necessary, do the proof reading and generally supervise the editing, typesetting and printing process. I also manage the journal’s web site.

My new living plans for 2008 (see Where I live) mean that I can’t afford to turn down any paying work, such as a new website like this one. In the same line, I’ve also been developing an on-line submission system for the heart journal.

– Other things I do –