Critter litter

The Critter Litter is a spin off from the Critters on-line critique group. Some litterfolk pages follow.

  • Manda Benson is a British author who lives in the Midlands of England. (That's where I'm from, too, so don't let anybody tell you it's boring.)
  • Jan Clark has her own really cool banner for linking to her site. Jan Clark's banner
  • Sheila Crosby is another expatriot Brit who prefers warm sunshine to grey skies and drizzle.
  • Eugie Foster is currently selling stories almost faster than she can write them. She's also the Managing Editor of Tangent On-line.
  • Peadar Ó Guilín loves the drizzle, which refreshes his Irish muse.
  • Hank Quense spends his time writing humorous fantasy and science fiction stories.

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